Helping You Make Healthcare Better

Strategy, execution, targeted sales training. We guide your path to partnerships with payors & at-risk providers, translate your solution benefits to the language they speak when solving member and patient challenges, speed your access to market, and ensure you achieve growth goals.

Does your team understand the incentive and economic structures that drive health plans and at-risk provider groups (how they’re measured and compensated)?

Are they well versed in:

  1. Value-Based Care (VBC)
  2. Per Member Per Month (PMPM) and at-risk contracting arrangements
  3. The STAR ratings program (HEDIS, CAHPS, HOS) including weighting and prioritizations
  4. Risk Adjustment (HCC) measures, how they’re weighted and why they matter
  5. Healthcare Resource Utilization (HCRU)

To truly speak the language of the payor you must first understand how the various internal support groups are measured and how both revenue and margin are created. This starts at product research and development and flows through to marketing and sales execution.

Even if your solution could cure cancer, if you present it to a group without understanding and properly messaging the unique benefits from THEIR perspective, your outcomes will be severely diminished.

We arm your team with the specific knowledge and toolset to deliver meaningful solutions by solving the problems of the health plans and at-risk providers, rapidly and radically improving your direction & speed up the growth curve.