Helping You Make Healthcare Better

Strategy and advisory services. We guide your path to partnerships with payors & at-risk providers, help translate your solution benefits to the language they speak when solving member and patient challenges, speed your access to market, and help ensure your team is equipped to achieve growth goals.

We help you successfully build, align, and message your solution to healthcare decision makers, connecting the dots to show them how you can solve their problem, driving results and growth for your team. 

Can your team clearly articulate the incentive and economic structures that drive health plans and at-risk provider groups, including:

  1. Value-Based Care (VBC) and at-risk contracting 
  2. The STAR ratings program (HEDIS, CAHPS, HOS) 
  3. Risk Adjustment (HCC) measures, how they’re weighted, and why they matter
  4. Healthcare Resource Utilization (HCRU)

To succeed in this space you and your team must understand, build for, and properly translate the benefits of your solution to the payor/provider perspective. What your solution does to improve patient health and outcomes is not necessarily the payor problem it is solving.

We arm your team with specific, tailored guidance, as well as training for sales teams to help quickly and effectively target, reach, and expand your market.