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Why I'm working with VuePoint Diagnostics

If you’re seeing this, you’re here because I think your organization will find value partnering with VuePoint Diagnostics. Their mobile diagnostic solution can help you close critical HEDIS quality gaps and gain revenue from Risk Adjustment. Get in touch to discuss.

~ Jen McClurg, McClurg Healthcare Advisors

As you are likely familiar from prior interactions, I helped build and launch the RetinaVue Care Delivery Model. What began as a small startup back in 2012 grew through acquisitions and our ongoing commitment to ending preventable diabetic blindness. We set out to do this by making diabetic retinopathy (DR) exams accessible and affordable for all patients with diabetes.

This mission was always personal with DR in my own family – my uncle went blind at 29. My work with your plan over the years was to ensure that we could reimburse non-eye specialists for performing this sight-saving exam and that doing so would satisfy NCQA requirements to close the DR gap for you.

As a result of this work, the solution not only closes the HEDIS quality gap, it also provides health plans with necessary revenue from Risk Adjustment (there are 4 potential HCC codes tied to vision-threatening conditions documented in the diagnostic reports), helping to ensure great care for all your members.

We then took DR exams out of the clinic and into homes, thanks to innovations in portable retinal camera technology, enabling unprecedented access to care for even home-bound patients.

Today, as an independent healthcare consultant, I serve companies I believe are poised to make a meaningful contribution to help health plans improve outcomes and performance. This is why I recently agreed to support VuePoint Diagnostics, an agile and full-service mobile screening services company that prioritizes member education and experience while automating the process for health plans.

The only such company I know of that is an IDTF provider, VuePoint submits claims (rather than invoices) so plans pay ONLY for closed gaps (no setup fees, no fees for no-shows or other administrative items). As a bonus, VuePoint includes secondary CPT codes so your HEDIS gaps are closed automatically AND all relevant ICD codes are on every claim, tying back to HCC codes for RA capture.

VuePoint provides a turnkey service for in-home screening exams (DR, bone density, blood pressure, and more) and coordinates with network providers to hold in-clinic screening days.

If you’d like to explore how the VuePoint Diagnostics team can help you achieve your HEDIS targets while ensuring member satisfaction throughout the process, I’m glad to share more or make a connection.

Best Regards,
Jen McClurg
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